Bloxd IO

Dive into the Fun of Teamwork Makes the Dream Work! is an exciting online multiplayer game that emphasizes cooperation and teamwork. It's not about going it alone; instead, you'll be working together with your fellow "Krewmates" to complete various tasks and achieve a common goal.


  • Crewmates vs. Imposters: Players are divided into two teams: Crewmates and Imposters. The majority are Crewmates, who must work together to complete tasks and survive. A small number of players are secretly Imposters, who aim to sabotage the Crewmates and eliminate them.
  • Task Time: Crewmates are assigned various tasks scattered around the map. These tasks can involve fixing machinery, downloading data, or priming rockets. Completing these tasks progresses the game for the Crewmates.
  • Imposter's Agenda: Imposters can blend in with the Crewmates, but they have special abilities like sabotage and killing Crewmates. They can also disrupt essential systems on the map to hinder the Crewmates' progress.
  • Communication is Key: Crewmates can win by completing all their tasks or by identifying and eliminating all the Imposters. Crewmates rely on effective communication to discuss tasks, report suspicious behavior, and vote out Imposters.
  • Strategic Depth: offers a surprising amount of strategic depth. Crewmates need to strategize how to complete tasks efficiently, while Imposters need to be cunning in their deception and sabotage.



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