Bloxd IO A Muddy Melee of Mayhem!

Brace yourself for messy fun in, a free-for-all online battle royale game where you fling mud at opponents to claim victory! Here's what you need to know: is a chaotic and hilarious online game where players take control of customizable avatars and engage in epic mud fights. The objective is to be the last player standing (or rather, covered in mud) by eliminating everyone else.

The Gameplay:

  • Flinging Fury: Your primary weapon is mud! Use your mouse to aim and shoot mud at other players. The more mud you land on an opponent, the slower they'll move.
  • Power-Ups aplenty: Keep an eye out for temporary power-ups scattered around the map. These can grant you abilities like speed boosts, jump enhancements, or even stronger mud attacks.
  • Shrinking Stage: The play area shrinks over time, forcing players to constantly move and engage in combat.
  • Customization Chaos: Unlock new characters and hats to personalize your mud warrior and stand out from the muddy masses.



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