Bloxd IO Deception, Deduction, and a Dash of Mayhem throws you into a world of suspense and social deduction, not unlike games like Among Us.

Imagine a hidden killer lurking among a group of innocent players. Your objective? If you're an innocent, you need to work together to identify and eliminate the murderer before they pick you all off. If you're the murderer, well, use your cunning and stealth to eliminate everyone undetected!


  • Roles Assigned: At the start, players are secretly assigned roles – Innocent or Murderer.
  • Social Deduction: Innocents need to communicate, observe behaviors, and complete tasks together to identify suspicious players.
  • The Imposter's Work: The murderer can eliminate innocent players, sabotage tasks, and use deception to blend in.
  • Emergency Meetings: Anyone can call an emergency meeting to discuss suspicions and vote to eliminate a player they believe is the murderer.
  • Voting Phase: During meetings, players discuss their findings and vote to eliminate a suspect. Be careful, wrong votes can hurt the innocents' chances!
  • Repeat Until Victory: The game continues until either all the innocents are eliminated or the murderer is exposed.



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