Bloxd IO

What is is a fast-paced and exciting game where you compete against other players in intense fidget spinner battles. You'll collect colorful dots to grow your spinner's size and mass, then strategically knock other players off the arena to be the last one standing.

How to Play

  • Spin to Dominate: Use your mouse to spin your fidget spinner and propel yourself around the arena.
  • Grow Bigger, Gain Power: Collect colored dots scattered around the arena to increase your fidget spinner's size and mass. The bigger you are, the stronger you become!
  • Knock Out the Competition: Bump into other players to knock them off the edge of the arena. The last player remaining wins the round!
  • Boost and Dodge: Utilize quick boosts and sharp maneuvers to outsmart your opponents and dominate the arena.
  • Multiple Arenas: Battle across various exciting arenas, each with its own unique layout and challenges.



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